Logbook Servicing

Logbook services near you

Plan your thorough logbook servicing with our auto repair experts if you want your new car to perform as safely and efficiently as possible. Your routine logbook services can be completed by the knowledgeable and local experts at Hearn’s Motor Repair without affecting your warranty. Select a trustworthy and established team for your auto repairs to safeguard your vehicle and your priceless cargo while paying less.

To retain your warranty, we consider stamping the logbook at our service station. We use lubricants and parts that are equal to or better than the recommended or original vehicle manufacturer’s specification.

Book a Logbook Service with Hearn’s Motor Repairs

At Hearn’s Motor Repairs, we recognise the value of having your new car serviced by highly skilled and knowledgeable service professionals. We also understand your concerns about the maintenance of your new car.

Our service specialists at Hearn’s Motor Repairs regularly attend training to keep them updated with the technology used in modern cars. As a result, they are considered the best in the business, so you can relax knowing that your new car is in good hands and that your warranty is retained.